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Why should I choose Hummingbird VRM?

At Hummingbird VRM, we focus on attracting guests through marketing your listing with a first class description, uploading professional photos and giving you the flexibility to choose service providers that match your needs, and we will only charge you a fraction of the cost to manage "your" investment. Our passion is to help people so we have no interest in charging high rates when we can offer a "full-service" package for much less. Simply put we are real people, helping real people.

How does Hummingbird VRM work?

When you partner with Hummingbird VRM, there is no doubt, that you will feel right at home and you will be confident that you have found the right team to manage your property.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will create a first class description, filled with professional photos, to entice vacationers and short term renters, and then promote your fabulous listing on top vacation rental sites (such as HomeAway, AirBnB and 

  • We are here to help and we are here 24/7 for your needs and the needs of your guests. We will answer all inquiries, and confirm bookings. We will even give advice on travel in the area for your guests, and co-ordinate work orders and repair requests. The communication does not stop there, and we will take care of your guests even after they have checked out. 

  • We will manage the boots-on-the-ground, including our own vetted local service partners, i.e. housekeeping and maintenance. We will even work with those of your choice. 

  • Have peace of mind with our exceptionally low fees for the value provided.

What will it cost me?

We will charge you 16.5% after you have secured a booking. There is no commitment to join with us and no other hidden fees. We set up professional photographs, create the listings, and invest a lot of time to manage this process.

How do you calculate how much will my house earn?

Will I be able to enjoy my home for personal use?

We will use unique pricing strategies which will tap into the most effective pricing structure throughout the year, and avoid booking gaps in your rental calendar and maximize your earning potential. Our rental specialists will carefully analyze and review comparable rentals in your surrounding area and then key in important market factors (such as changes in market demand and seasonal changes) that can realistically impact your rates. We will then use this data to establish the optimal rate for your property. We also would give you an opportunity to weigh in on your lowest price. We guarantee that our clients will never be forced to accept less than their "minimum rate".

Yes. Feel free to block out your dates you would like to use your property, through our secure owner dashboard for your desired dates. Since our goal is to maximize bookings and earning potential for our owners, we recommend a maximum of 3 months out of the year can be dedicated to personal use.

How will my listing be marketed?

We commit to putting your listing on the leading hosting websites in the industry, but what makes us stand out above the rest is that we

understand that that is not all that it takes to make your listing rise above the rest. Which is why we will promote your property so that you will not only attract viewers but secure bookings. One of the methods that makes us stand out is the ongoing marketing we will do to adapt to changes in algorithms and fluctuations in demand and customer preferences even while your property is listed. Simply explained we will not just list your property and leave it to chance.

 We are devoted to enhancing your listing's performance and keep it ranked at the top of major travel marketplaces. We will leave a lasting impression, to capture the hearts of those who want to return to the area and so that they will seek your listing first.

How do I sign up?

Contact us to fill out an application to see if Hummingbird VRM is a good fit for you. We will then walk you through the steps from getting details on your property to setting up an account to transfer your payments.

Our on boarding process will get more detail on your property and provide advice on your desired earning goal. Once we have gotten your approval on the photos we will immediately start building your professional listing within the first 24 hours and confirm your nightly rate. Once we have your full approval we will start listing on top websites and the rest is history!

If you are ready to start earning passive income at the hands of a family company you can trust, Click here or call us at

(864) 670-5510 and let's get started!

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